Consulting Services to enhance your Customer Experience

Contact Centre expertise without the expensive overheads

Having someone who understands the mechanics of a contact centre and how to get the most out of your people, process and technology isn’t always easy to find but with FAB Solutions you get the benefit of having flexible skilled resource that’s there for as long as you need it:

  • Process Improvement
  • Mystery shopper reports
  • Staff engagement workshops
  • Contact centre business audit
  • Contact centre consultancy support
  • Leadership Coaching and Performance coaching
  • Coaching Culture workshops for managers
  • Telephony and field-based sales training programmes
  • Establishing sales management structure including, sales meetings, forecasting, pipeline management, reward scheme design
  • Soft Skills for Service reps Training
  • Training and competency audits for regulated business

Business consultants at your fingertips

You only know what you are told or what you see and often you don’t know what’s really happening until you inspect what you expect, but you don’t always have the time and with the best will in the world you can’t observe all interactions of your managers with your people – That’s where FAB Solutions can support, if you need an extra pair of hands  to review your process‘ observe your teams and create recommendations we can help, from anything from a few hours a month to a few days a week, we can support you to get the very best from your Sales leaders and help sit down with you to get the most out of your business and your teams.


For a full proposal, please get in touch

Get in touch to learn more.

Get in touch to learn more.

“Garry brings infectious energy and passion to everything, and does it with a smile. Would love to team up together again at some point in the future.”

Ben S, Consultancy team Manager

 FAB Solutions Training And Competency Audit 

Flexible resource without the expensive overheads

We Understand there quite often isn’t enough time in the day and you can’t get around all of your people all of the time or perhaps you just want a quick one off assessment of your team from an independent party, that’s why we have created FAB solutions T&C Audit, a Two day assessment where FAB solutions can come onsite or virtually support your business, observing real time feedback from Team leaders and audit against our T&C Team leaders Scorecard.

What’s included?

Understanding your teams competence is absolutely key especially if you are a small business as disengaged employees cost you productivity and potential reputational damage if not corrected so FAB can support you to undertake a diagnostic of your team providing the following:

  • 1-2-1 observations of all team leaders using, FAB solutions 1-2-1 checklist for effective conversations (Maximum 5 per day based on 60 minute sessions)
  • Team meeting observations using FAB solutions effective team meeting checklist (Maximum 5 per day based on 60 minute sessions)
  • Coaching observations using our coaching for performance checklist (Maximum 5 per day based on 60 minute sessions)
  • A detailed T&C report with findings and recommendations

Business consulting with a difference

Having spent 15 years in financial services blue chip organisations working with a structured training and competency framework we know how to observe, give feedback and drive perfromance conversations in your business which can drive tangible improvement and perfromance in your bottom line.

Breakdown of costs

All of the above is available as full or half day sessions and can be flexed dependent on your team size, so to get an independent assesment of your teams skills please get in touch below.

Get in touch to book today.

Get in touch to book today.

Example reports

Useful diagnostic tool to self assess your own business performance, available as a self help tool or can be included as part of a business consultancy package where FAB solutions will diagnose, create recommendations and support you with an improvement plan.

One off Mystery shopper reports available with full breakdown of all key customer touchpoints with a bespoke brief to your business – minimum two days work including full report and appendices with call recordings, web chat and sales correspondence.

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