About FAB Group

About FAB Group

About FAB Group

We are a FAB Group – Find out why below

FAB Solutions

We help you trouble shoot the problems in your contact centre with our Contact Centre Diagnostic, we get under the skin of the problems helping you diagnose the root cause and then work with you to implement a solution.  We help you improve your process’, address gaps in your Leadership capability and Support you with a variety of training solutions for frontline contact centre agents.

FAB Outsourced Solutions

A reassuringly different approach to outsourcing. We use our focus on our Values and our culture to help attract, retain and nurture quality people for your campaign, taking away your headaches so you can reduce your internal costs, stay ahead of your competitors and focus on the bigger pitcure business objectives.

FAB Technology Solutions

Technology is an enabler for great customer experience, we help you join up the dots using market leading technology in our outsourced campaigns or support you in finding the right solutions from our partners or as part of a wider transformative piece. Whether is a new telephony service, QA automation, Speech analytics or improving your knowledge base we understand how it all pieces together.

A word from our founder

“I set up FAB Solutions to help Contact Centres deliver the best customer experience they possibly can. We understand running an effective contact centre and balancing all the requirements of the day job isn’t easy, I’ve been there so have the T-short and the scars to show. So we want to help Contact Centre leaders to deliver an amazing Customer and Employee Experiences.

Customer Experience isn’t just a buzz word it’s about how operationally effective your contact centre is, how engaged your people are working with and for you and how confident your team leaders are to lead your people, all wrapped around with a technology wrapper to make your customer journey and employee experienece as slick as it can possibly be.

With a vast experience in the contact centre industry and nearly 20 years in various sales , service and leaderships roles we have proven skills and experience to help make your Contact Centre amazing.”

Garry Gormley, CEO & Founder

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What is the typical cost of your services?

For good quality leadership development and sales training programmes no one solution is the same so our pricing is tailored to the client but we can tailor this to suit your budget and your business requirements, we tailor this by using a mix of on site facilitation and or video based tutorials and desk materials that can be self facilitated based on your organisations needs.

What makes you different?

As specialist business and management consultants we have over 15 years proven experience in financial services and contact centre roles, our founder is recognised as a fellow by the Institute of Sales management. Working from the ground up we use proven sales practices to improve your bottom line results compliantly and use lean methodologies to uncover the root cause of issues impacting your customer experience and your people. 

What other services do you offer?

Our specialism is improving your business performance through focusing on your sales training and leadership development, creating tailored solutions to enhance the teams capability. We also have experience in a  number of areas including:

  • Customer Experience
  • Training and Competency frameworks
  • Quality assurance monitoring
  • Performance management and HR policy
  • Employee engagement

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Garry recently when planning my business and sales strategy. I have been impressed by Garry’s knowledge, attention to detail and ability to understand the long term goals that I am try to achieve. Garry was able to understand my concerns and offer solutions very quickly and it was all done in a collaborative and creative environment. I will have no problem working with Garry again and would recommend him to any business looking to take the next step in their growth or wanting to review their current business strategy and sales process.”

Bunmi F, Employment Screening Services

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