Sales Effectiveness

Sales Effectiveness


Data driven coaching platform to define, develop & measure sales performance

Put sales competencies at the heart of every sales coaching conversation, easily identify gaps, drive improvements in skills and performance and measure the outcomes, all in one place.

e4enable is a data driven coaching and development platform designed to define develop and measure what good looks like in your sales organisation.

e4enable starts your journey on the right foot by putting sales competencies at the heart of every sales coaching conversation, driving improvements in skills, and developing the right sales mindset.

It holds sales people and sales leaders accountable for driving adoption and reinforcing sales training and provides complete transparency at all levels of an organisation.

To give you the full measure of your sales coaching and training programme, it aligns competencies to leading sales KPIs and metrics to measure the impact on top line sales performance.

Read our article about The Contact Centre & Regulatory Environment Perspective.

Helping clients increase the performance of their outbound contact operations, reduce risks, improve customer journeys and save money

The Challenge:

How do you identify customer vulnerability? How do you identify the right person to contact at the right time to improve connection rates?

  • Over 50% of outbound agents’ connect time is spent connected
    to third parties and answer phones
  • Call durations have increased, reducing the volume of accounts
    that are processed
  • Time taken to contact customers increases risks and reduced
    the chance of positive outcomes for you and the customer performance.

The Solution:

  • Elanev Resilience – This solutions help you Rapidly and independently screen for customer financial vulnerability, this is a highly sensitive area and a very important area for regulated sectors such as, Financial services, collections and energy, so identifying this early can help prevent mishandling of customers and costly fines.
  • Elanev Contact – Increasing Contact rates to right party contact rates by at least 15% – this can increase overall dialling effectiveness significantly and can increase your chances of making more sales and increasing conversations.
  • Elanev Propensity – Using Propensity modelling to identify customers more likely to make a purchase so you can reduce the £’s cost of sale and save money on cost per seat and increased revenue.
    AI-Powered Sales Conversation Analytics
    Find Conversations that matter quickly and identify what your top performers do and how they do it with powerful coaching analytics tools and these three simple steps! 
    Step 1 – Size up the gap

    Establish the baselines of performance across your teams by plotting them against our quartile based diagnostic tools, establish what are the KPI’s that matter, what does good like and size up your team to understand the size of the gap

    Step 2 – Bridge the gap

    Train your team leaders on effective coaching skills to structure insight driven and action oriented changes in behaviours, from coaching tools like GROW to CIGAR we help your team with proven coaching methodologies and allow them opportunity to practice and get comfortable with these skills to use them in real life, we design real life coaching scenarios based on your challenges and bring this to life with training and skills transfer

    Step 3 – Monitor and review

    Using their newly acquired skills and our state of the art coaching tools and call recording technology your teams can start to apply their skills to the test and drive performance with great quality coaching conversations. To help you embed these we’ll support you with calibration sessions, coaching observations and coach the coach activity to embed and raise the potential within your team. We provide regular reporting on progress of your coaches and changes in performance so you can see the ROI for yourself.

    Get in touch to request a demo.
    Get in touch to request a demo.

    I have recently attended workshops and events that Garry facilitated, including coaching teams remotely plus mastermind workshops. Garry’s background is in the Contact Centre industry and makes him an ideal coach to help businesses, organisations and even individuals like myself get the best out of their teams which in turn can gain an improved customer experience. Garry is professional and personable and he keeps everyone engaged during his workshops, plus he has a vast knowledge base that draws from his own experiences which is evident in his events. I would highly recommend you to check out Garry’s website to see how he can help you and your Contact Centre with any coaching and training needs that you might have. I certainly look forward to attending more workshops and events that Garry hosts in the future.

    Clare H, Senior Customer Service Leader

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