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Easy, accessible and reportable online learning solutions

Learning and Development done for you!

FAB Solutions Learning Management platform: A full and flexible way to manage your team’s learning and development. Simple, powerful and insightful.

> Intuitive branded platform
> Unlimited access to our entire catalogue
> Choose who gets which courses or categories
> Track all training (including events) in one place
> Real-time reporting

Why is FAB LMS Different?

Our courses aren’t just about ticking boxes; they drive real change in your organisation

> Unique Design

Never Boring every title has it own unique visual style so every course feels fresh!

> Under 10 minutes

Complex topics are made short, simple and engaging with our modern approach to learning design

> Always up to date

Content is continually reviewed to make its accurate, relevant and grows with you

> Interactive

Built with the learner in mind, you can expect thought-provoking courses  every time

What course are available?

Flexibility and unrestricted access at your fingertips

Withing the platform you get unrestricted access to 100+ titles; everything you need to improve skills and rive cultural change. You can have total flexibility in choosing which learners can access which topics.

Choose from a growing list of popular courses:

  • Leadership
  • Sales
  • Equality & Diversity
  • Customer service
  • Management Essentials
  • Working together
  • Thinking skills
  • IT Skills and Security
  • Productivity
  • Mental health and Wellbeing
  • Governance
  • Health & Safety
  • Social responsibility

…And many more!

Reports for you

Measure the impact

Real-time reporting and a monthly summary pack, with fascinating insights you can use that keep you in control & help you to understand usage, engagement, understating and completion of mandatory courses controlled and set by you.

Understand what content is resonating with your agents and who in your team has performed the best to help decide where to direct your coaching efforts and build a plan to support them to perform at their very best

“The FAB Sales Workshop provided me with a great base to learn new techniques, gain insight into the business of selling, and provided an open forum to bounce ideas off Garry and the other attendees. The day was well structured and followed a fluid path throughout the useful ‘Sales Playbook,’ and felt relaxed and informal, but provided a great learning platform. Thanks!”

Josh R, Clinical Sales

Get in touch today to gain access!
Get in touch today to gain access!

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