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Leverage Webchat to reduce demand and generate leads

Proactively manage your web traffic 

As more customers become digitally enabled they want to communicate with the contact centre in a fast and digital way, if they don’t have to speak to someone then why should they?

Are you set up to handle your customers digital appetite? Webchat is one of the simplest tools to deploy but can have a huge impact on reducing demand and increasing lead generation.

Having an agent available to handle FAQ’s, product questions and customer queries can reduce the inbound call demand, reduce average handling times and increase first contact resolution and customer satisfaction. 

How does Webchat work?

Webchat is very flexible you can allow you agents to respond to each web enquiry as a free type but you can also create what are called Canned responses or templates to speed up the process you can also include useful links and docuemnt to share

Why is webchat useful?

Webchat maximises the productivity of an agent being able to manage multiple chat session all at one time. typically and agent can manage 3-4 chats at any one time, where a voice agent is generally on 1:1 ratio

What if my agents are busy?

You can configure your webchat Icon to show as available only when you have agents available, this way customers can’t request a webchat if you have all your advisors taking calls. 

Is Webchat the same as Chatbot?

Webchat is usually a live interaction with a person in the contact centre, responding real time to a customer, where as Chat BOts can be sueful to manage more simple enquiries as an automated flow which may free up an agent with some simple automation

How do we get started?

We are specialists in inbound and outbound customer contact, its at the heart of our business and we look at your campaign with a view to improving process and performance leveraging automation, technology and training to ensure we deliver so to get started 

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