Helping Contact Centres create a
winning customer experience

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Helping Contact Centres create a
winning customer experience

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Helping Contact
Centres create
a winning

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Specialist contact centre business consultants

We talk from experience, we know delivering Quality Assurance, the right handling times, first call resolution, great customer experience and high people engagement is important to you and that finding the right balance to deliver these to the high standards you want isn’t always easy.

We have over 15 years’ experience working in contact centres fixing broken processes, creating engaging people plans, driving performance through effective use of people and leadership capability as well as quality training interventions. We know the biggest challenge for busy contact centre operations can often simply be simply having the resource the time or the energy to fix what’s needed to be fixed, which is where we come into our own to help you deliver the outcomes you want and need to create a winning customer experience.

What we do

Consulting services

Looking at some of the key areas of your customer journey we can help pinpoint some of the processes and pain points that have the biggest impact on your customer experienece. Quite often these also have a knock-on effect on your agent productivity and employee experience, we help you to identify and prioritise the biggest risks to you customer experience and optimise your processes to create a slicker and seamless journey for your customers.

The by product of this is happier customer and happier staff who want to go the extra mile for your customers bringing with it great Net promoter scores and high customer satisfaction feedback and with highly capable and highly engaged employees. 

Leadership Training & development

We believe a great customer experience is underpinned by great leadership which is why we offer Leadership development programmes that focus on delivering change effectively driving a positive coaching culture taking their skills to the next level.

We give you a framework that will help shape your leadership culture and drive employee engagement up reducing the hidden costs of attrition and absence in your business.

Sales Capability

We offer a range of open courses focusing on our core 7 step sales process – we explore the sales funnel, discovering needs, relationships selling, objection handling and closing skills, we also offer a sperate social media selling using Linkedin workshop.

We offer individual or group bookings to help you develop your sales skills and exceed your performance goals with action-oriented training in Bitesize chunks and follow up activity is crucial to ensure you shift behaviours and form new habits ensuring maximum intake of knowledge and minimal disruption to your customers.

Outsourcing your sales training to a specialist like FAB Solutions can help reduce your overheads, improve your ROI and deliver more engagement from your sales teams and sales leaders.


Did you know?

of employees report that dealing with complex issues is the most challenging part of the role.

of salespeople are more likely to leave their job if their manager is a poor coach. (Zenger Folkman)


of salespeople missed their target in 2018 – this was the fifth consecutive year of decline. (Miller Heimann – 2018)

Get in touch to see how we can help you.
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Get in touch to see how we can help you.
0161 718 2624
You are 100 in the queue

You are 100 in the queue

As a contact centre business consultant, I’m always intrigued when I call a contact centre to see how the service they are offering stacks up, last week…

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“FAB Solutions helped to clarify more effective methods in terms of prospecting using linked in and other socials media platforms… if you are struggling with sales contact Garry he know what he’s talking about when it comes to sales.”

Zak H, Digital Marketing consultant

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