Emotionally Intelligent Sales agents

Emotionally Intelligent
Sales agents

Sales agents

Helping contact centre Sales teams to connect with their customer to sell more effectively

The programme

We understand how challenging the role of the sales agent  can be, understanding how you manage your own emotions and anticipate the emotions of your customer whilst conducting the sale over the phone is a skill to master.

Our 5 module programmes is designed to give you all the skills you need to master this and elevate your performance.

Your Instructors

Suzy Couper combine her decades of coaching and emotional intelligence experience to help sales teams understand how emotion management is the key to having consistently high sales results.

Garry the founder of FAB solutions helps bring this to life with practical experience of working in sales for over 20 years using consultative sales process’ across both regulated and non-regulated environments. Together Suzy and Garry are a winning combination to help support your contact centres sales team perform better and feel better.

“The FAB Sales Workshop provided me with a great base to learn new techniques, gain insight into the business of selling, and provided an open forum to bounce ideas off Garry and the other attendees. The day was well structured and followed a fluid path throughout the useful ‘Sales Playbook,’ and felt relaxed and informal, but provided a great learning platform. Thanks!”

Josh R, Clinical Sales

Workshop 1: Self-Awareness for Sales Success

When you know better you can do better. Without self-awareness, salespeople continue to make the same mistakes rather than learning from them. Self-awareness is the first step towards improved sales because understanding the emotions that come with high pressure selling will enable them to keep calm and stay focused and motivated so they can bring consistent sales results. In this workshop participants will gain an understanding of the power of accountability and see how it sales victimhood impacts self-confidence. We will look at what stories you are telling yourself and how this impacts sales results?

Self-aware salespeople understand their moods and recognise the impact moods can have on sales results. This awareness helps them connect and relate to prospects and colleagues better.

Workshop 2: Self-Management for Sales Success

How to keep calm, motivated and focused.

In this workshop we will build on self-awareness and learn how to regulate and manage emotions in high pressure stressful selling situations.

Harnessing the skills of emotions management means you can keep in control of the sales meeting and use effective selling and influence skills that you have been trained to use. This workshop covers the neuroscience of selling and helps salespeople understand the most basic, yet powerful thing about our brain.

Learn how to stay in control and think before you speak. Emotional Expression, Assertiveness, and Independence skills are all helpful in getting your salespeople get in front of decision makers and helps them qualify opportunities more accurately. Emotion management helps close sales quicker without needing to discount and devalue the service or product.

Workshop 3: Relationships for Sales Success

How to increase retention and referrals through new and existing relationships.

Learn how to form strong authentic emotional connections that accelerate trust by acquiring empathy, and rapport skills. Learn active listening skills and how to recognise both verbal and non -verbal clues during sales conversations. This workshop looks how to create collaborative partnerships with your prospects which accelerates trust and increases your client retention and referral. Learn how to use empathy in all sales situations including objection handling, diffusing, and managing unhappy client situations, as well as how to use influence and negotiation skills in sales conversations. People don’t care what you know, until they know that you care.

Workshop 4: Planning & Prospecting for Sales Success

How to have full, qualified sales pipelines. In this workshop participants will learn how to incorporate emotional intelligence into sales planning. Learn how to harness impulse control for prospecting so that you can build a pipeline of qualified opportunities. In this workshop we will also look at how to harness impulsiveness in your sales conversations so that you gather ALL the information, listen deeply, and understand fully what the prospects pain is before jumping into solution solving. We cover productivity and crafting a plan for sales success. Plan your work and work your plan.

Workshop 5: Managing Stress & Problem Solving for Sales Success

How to remain optimistic and bounce back from setbacks. This workshop equips salespeople with a deeper understanding on how stress impacts sales results. Participants will learn how to manage stress better so that they can stay in control and prevent burnout and absenteeism. By recognising the physiological impact of stress on a body, the participants will learn how a to decrease stress by learning key stress management strategies. Reducing stress impacts and improves focus, energy, happiness When you are stress free, you can think more clearly and apply critical thinking, negotiation, and problem-solving skills. Learn key stress management strategies and gain a sense of control by focusing on the positives and through the understanding how to use perspective, humour, and optimism. Lighten sales pressure situations and enjoy your job!

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Book onto a workshop today!

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