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Escape the Van Leadership Workshops

Unlock Your Leadership Potential

This workshop will use an innovative and creative approach to leadership development, fusing learning with the enduringly popular escape room format. This is the first leadership course of its kind and is designed to improve your team’s ability to work together through a challenging on-site activity which will bring the theory to life.

“Garry brings infectious energy and passion to everything, and does it with a  smile. Would love to team up together again at some point in the future.”

Ben S, Consultancy team Manager

FAB Leaders escape the Van

In order for leaderships skills to really embed and take effect in your organisation, you need to make sure that the theory is put into practice and what better way of doing that then with practical activities you can do on the day that are fun, engaging and bring to life the realities of what leadership really means in your business, are you ready to test your teams abilities?

Course Content Includes:

Effective communication techniques

Active Listening
Techniques to listen and be heard

Assertiveness and negotiation
Finding your voice in your leadership

Influencing and persuasion
Managing your team and managing upwards

Leaderships and culture – creating highly engaged employees

Courageous conversations
How to approach 121 discussion

Delivering feedback
How to give and receive feedback

Connecting culture and purpose
The importance of defining good culture

Goal setting and delegation

Assigning roles in your teams
Effective delegation techniques

Time management
Techniques to help you free up more of your time

Goal setting and evaluation
Planning and setting SMART objectives for you and your team

  • 10 minutes taster
  • 2 x 10 minute Escape exercises
  • 30 minutes Escape challenges


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Prices start from £195 with early booking discounts available. Group bookings are welcome and invoicing is  available with 28 day terms.

Get in touch to book now.
Get in touch to book now.

“I’ve recently undertaken a full assessment of my business with Garry at FAB Solutions. I can’t really put into words just how useful the meeting was, he analysed every part of my business in detail and then helped me set up a plan for my business going forward which would ensure long term success. He really was Forensic About my Business! Thanks so much Garry.”

Jack H, Freelance Photography

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