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Getting the most from your team can be hard, if your team have switched off half way through the month how do you get them back on track, how to you help your team visualise success and keep them motivated what ever the weather?

With this 1 day course you will learn techniques to help motivate, inspire and enhance your teams performance. Understand what makes a top performer and how to have action driven sales meetings that leave your teams motivated and ready to reach their potential.

Who is the course suitable for?

This course is ideal for new or existing managers that lead a team of telephone or field based sales staff that are looking to enhance their teams sales performance, learn techniques to help have action driven meetings and drive improvements in sales performance through pipeline management and coaching then this course is ideal. 

What does the course cover

This course is ideal for anyone who manages a sales teams and needs to plan and forecast sales performance, key areas of content include:

Pipeline management
Forecasting tools to help you forecast accurately

Performance coaching
Techniques to help you get the best out of your team

Running an effective sales meeting
Ensuring maximum participation, ownership and action

Having performance conversations
Tackle challenging conversation head on

Skills of your top performers

Key KPI’s
Establishing what make your business and your team successful

Set Goals
Analyse trends and build robust action plans to drive improvements with clear goals outlined

Quartile based performance management tracking
When and how to manage under performance

How much does this course cost?

We offer bespoke ways to bring this to life for a full proposal please contact us via the Contact Us page

Get in touch to book now.
Get in touch to book now.

“A great Sales Training session for us. The day was well organised, with some fun activities built in to break up the presentations. Garry managed the group well and enabled everyone to contribute.”

Gemma C, Recruitment

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