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Sales Programme


We prepare you for success from the start.

Sales Training 

We know not all sales roles are the same which is why we have designed 3 distinct programmes so that you can tailor trainng to your team and create a repeatable sales process that not only help you increase performance but introduces a clear framework which your team leaders can use to identify imporvement areas and coach your teams.

These programmes are designed to be action-oriented, delivered in bitesize sprints, we have created our own unique sales frameworks that can be run as half day or full day modules using a a blend of theory, practical and reinforced learning, so new habits form and stick.


Using our experience in B2B and B2C sales we have developed our own unique 8 step sales process “POD & POSER” which helps give you a consultative sales methodology that allows for deep rooted questioning techniques, helping you understand your clients needs on a deeper level, so that you can create solutions that tackle their problems and position you in the best way to provide that solution.

This modular based programmes allows for learning to be digested, practically applied, evaluated and followed up in coaching sessions.


Possibly one of the most challenging of the sales roles but a vital role to help increase leads and build new business. We understand that key to outbound success is the right mindset so our programme starts with how to build the right mindset and resilience for outbound selling.

We have developed our own unique sales methodology “SPACER” which centres on making an impact with your introduction and standing out from the crowd in your communication, lowering resistance with micro commitments in the sales process.  We build on these skills with a layered learning approach with action planning and practical missions to ensure the learning sticks.

 If you Use LinkedIn for your outbound outreach you may also want to look at our Social Selling programme.


All of the courses we have developed are unique to the challenges each role faces, we understand Account management and relationship sales have different skills so we have developed this programme specifically to include more focus on influencing, negotiation, stakeholder management and more complex sales process.

Understanding your clients needs and growing with them as an extension of their business is where relationships and Account management is different. Understand how you can build solutions that tackle the challenges of your biggest accounts and help them implement solutions that prepare them for future needs.


“The FAB Sales Workshop provided me with a great base to learn new techniques, gain insight into the business of selling, and provided an open forum to bounce ideas off Garry and the other attendees. The day was well structured and followed a fluid path throughout the useful ‘Sales Playbook,’ and felt relaxed and informal, but provided a great learning platform. Thanks!”

Josh R, Clinical Sales

Inside Sales – Selling Consultatively  

There is no dark art to sales but you should have a sales framework that can help you consistently deliver a great sales performance, with our Selling With Impact & Flexible Technique programme we use our own POD and POSER sales process to help give you a framework for successful sales.

Sales training courses are available for anyone to join, we charge per delegate and run sessions up to a maximum of 15 so that we can ensure both the trainer and the delegate receive the best learning environment and opportunity to practice and ask questions.

We also run this programme as a Train the Trainer Course so you can buy the content and run this as your own inhouse induction for future hires!

Who Will Benefit From The Course?
  • Telephone or face to face sales people
  • Business to business and business to consumer sales people  
  • Account managers / Business development managers      
  • New Sales Leaders
Course content includes:
  • What is consultative selling?
  • How to make a positive first impression with emotional intellignece skills
  • Using rapport and empathy to build TRUST in the sales process
  • The power of mindset and attitude in selling
  • Understanding client needs and defining the purpose of the fact-find customer and identifying hidden needs
  • Develop powerful questions and use Bridging and question funnels effectively
  • Understand and Anticipate customer objections, and develop  techniques to eliminate them
  • Defining your negotiation arena and using influence to overcome pricing objections
  • Positioning your proposition clearly and confidently by selling the results of your benefits not the features
  • Develop your closing Skills and vary your technique to gain agreement and close the deal.

Delegates leave with a complete workbook and sales models and we guarantee you will leave with a renewed confidence and zest for sales.

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Outbound Sales – Lowering Resistance 

One of the key skills you need to grow your pipeline and generate more buisness, outbound calling is far from dead! We help you tackle the key challenge which often starts in your agents head. We use a structured 6 stage outbound sales methodology, SPACER.

This is a proven methodology we have developed from our years in sales and managing outbound sales teams, start with Mindset and build your way to more sales via referral.

We also run this programme as a Train the Trainer Course so you can buy the content and run this as your own inhouse induction for future hires!

Who Will Benefit From The Course?
  • Sales development reps (SDR)
  • Business development managers (BDM)
  • Business development exec’s (BDE)
  • B2B or B2C Sales representatives
  • Sales managers
  • Experienced sales agents and sales leaders looking to take their sales to next level  
Course content includes:
  • Understand what it takes to be a successful outbound sales rep by develop your resilience and your mindset for success mindset
  • Making the first right impression in a short space of time
  • Developing your pattern interrupt script and opening to help you overcome objections
  • Develop a deeper understanding about your prospects and your target markets problems
  • Develop written communication to reduce cancellations and ghosting
  • Build commitment and reduce friction in the sales process.
  • Practice techniques and skills in a safe environment with immediate feedback.
  • The brain of the seller and how to appeal to your buyers brain
  • Understand the core objections of clients, pre-frame them and positively position them with value.
  • Close clients down to the small micro commitments to help reduce friction in the sales process
  • Create a repeatable process that builds your confidence and gets you more conversations with referrals

Relationship Selling – Building Mutual Growth

If you have more account based sales teams then traditional new buisness sales practices might not be what you need. Typically we see these roles needing to be skilled at managing relationships, growing accounts, upselling solutions and retaining business. To this end, the focus needs to be on developing a deep seated relationship with clients so they feel like you are an extension of their business helping them meet their objectives, anticipating new and emerging products that might help them grow so the approach needs to be different. 

Who Will Benefit From The Course?
  • Business to business sales people  
  • Telephony or face to face sales people 
  • Account managers/Business development managers
  • Experienced sales agents and sales leaders looking to take their sales to next level  
Course content includes:
  • Developing a deeper understanding about your buyer’s mindset and communication preferences.
  • How to adapt your own communication style to your clients
  • Understanding your target Market and leveraging this to grow your portfolio.
  • Building robust Account plans, understand the gaps and the opportunities in between
  • Negotiating and anticipating customer challenges to retain and win more business. 
  • Getting through the front door, how to open up relationships where communications broken down.
  • Gain more business with more client contact, developing your client contact strategy.
  • Adding value to aid the selling process and get to know your clients business to help your business.
  • Helping buyers to buy; who to influence in the buying cycle and when.
  • How to create repeat business from your buyers and keep hold of their value
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Click here to find out more.

“Garry’s knowledge of the sales process, sales coaching and management is second to none.  In the few months I’ve been working with FAB Solutions we have been able to implement a structured coaching and management plan for our sales staff.  This has enabled us to give our staff the tools to develop a solid sales process and equally as important, we now have a clear and shared vision about where our business is going.  Would highly recommend Garry, well worth the time and the investment”

Joe I, Financial Services

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