Enhancing your leadership capability

Empowering leaders to have great conversations

A lot of managers rise up from the internal ranks of business’ as they are great at what they do and technical experts, however we often don’t equip them as managers to have great conversations with our teams, giving them the tools to have difficult conversation or skills to coach for performance or manage absence, we have a variety of course that can help give your people managers the tools to have great quality conversations.

Having highly skilled leadership team has many benefits from greater employee engagement, lower staff attrition, better performance and happy customers, this means overall a healthier bottom line for your business so investing in your management makes good financial sense. We focus on the core skills turning managers into leaders, preparing them to have quality conversations to develop your team and we use some of the latest techniques and innovative solutions to bring this learning to life. 

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Get in touch to book now.
Leadership Training

This one-day workshop is designed to give practical skills and tips for leaders on how to have quality conversation using coaching techniques, to set stretching goals and and effective performance conversations. Learn to coach and develop your people to get the most out of them, fostering a winning culture of success. This course is suitable for new or existing managers who want to develop their leadership and managements skills to create highly engaged employees and winning culture.

Leaders Escape

Unlock your leadership potential with this innovative and creative approach to leadership development, fusing learning with the enduringly popular escape room format. This is the first leadership course of its kind and is designed to improve your team’s ability to work together through a challenging on-site activity which will bring the theory to life.

Sales Managers

Creating high performing sales teams requires good sales management, if your team have switched off halfway through the month how do you get them back on track, how to you help your team visualise success and keep them motivated what ever the weather? With this 1 day course you will learn techniques to help motivate, inspire and enhance your teams performance. Understand what makes a top performer and how to have action driven sales meetings that leave your teams motivated and ready to reach their potential.

“Thanks Garry for the help and input this week! I would love to recommend Garry because our brainstorming/troubleshooting session was simply amazing! His logical and thought provoking approach really challenged me in a super positive way. I am now ready to tackle the problem and have been taught a different way to approach difficult situations. I will definitely be back for more Garry!”

Michelle P, Facilities Management

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