What are the things that keep your client awake at night? What are your clients pain points? A lot of sales consultants talk about client pain points as a means to sell and whilst this is a valid technique, I like to think of sales people more as stress busters then pain relievers.

What problem can you bust in their business to help reduce your clients stress to a normal level, no job is stress free, but it can certainly be less stressful! For my clients in the contact centre world the main stress factors fall into three main camps:

1.     People – these can be further broken down into 5 more areas all of which drive the header of people engagement and productivity.

Why do you lose people and how many do you lose?

How do you select your best people; how do you train people to do this for you?

What do your employees say about your business what’s you company brand?

How much do you make it a great place to work and listen to your teams and how do you measure their engagement?

Often people recruit from within for leadership but neglect their development

How often is this reviewed and who owns it and aligns it to your changing business?

2.    Process – Your process often defines your customer experienece and complaints and these are broken down in the following areas.

Do they exist and are they documented?

Are they communicated to all staff and are they fed into your training and competency frameworks

How effective are they when you change a process do you update – do you measure them?

End to end
How easy is it to do business with your company – have you ever looked at your end to end on-boarding process.

What do your teams use to help their process is it effective does it add value or add more time to the process? Eg Call scripts, data capture etc

3.   Systems – I’ve never worked in a company where systems aren’t an issue and typically, they fall into the following camps.

Multiple systems
Dual entry from system to system adding additional Wrap times, handling times to your process and your training.

Speed of systems
System down time and slowness or lack of awareness on the best process to use.

System drive your process over your customers
Your process is driven by the number of systems and information to collect at points which adds additional time and clunk to your customer experience

Lack of automation in your back-office process means your people must do more and your customers suffer more as a result

FAB consulting approaches your business with a forensic lens looking at these three key pillars to help you move the needle on all metrics, our experience is largely in helping contact centres improve their operation but looking at all business with a similar lens can help drive an improvement in your people, your customer experience and your bottom line.